In a world of changing media the news photographer has never been more important.

Sure, citizen reporter can click and share from their smartphone direct to news sites for all the world to see (and for the news site to get for free) but professional news photographers know how to get the best shot every time.

Why? Because they have the experience needed and they know what their news outlet and pics editor wants.

Images are what often make a story a lead story. Without a good pic many stories get relegated to the back of the news section or worse, the cutting room floor and online news sites rely on good images to help tell a story in a world of short attention span.

Which is why PR professionals should respect a photographer that’s sent by a paper to cover your story.

News photographers, like journalists, work for their editor and publisher, not for the PR person’s client.  If you have set up a photo opportunity then make sure your subject and the relevant PR person is at the allocated location on time.

Remember to introduce your client to the photographer and vice verca and ensure you give each photographer enough time to get the shot they need. Rushing them will be to your editorial output detriment.

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And to answer your question, no you may not have photographic approval before it is run in the paper and no, you may not request air brushing.

You may think the photographer sent by the paper is nothing more than a vehicle for you to get your PR message across, but he/she is much more than that. They have the power to make your client look good or bad and keep the pic up the front of the newspaper or send it down the back.

A little photographer respect goes a long way.