Two hundred and twenty journalists can’t be wrong (or if they are you try telling them that!).

That’s how many journalists gave us their time in 2015 to complete a comprehensive seventy four question survey to help marketers pitch better, get a better press release hit success rate, understand their working day and create a better working relationship.

  • Did you know that sixty six percent of lifestyle journalists are more likely to feature the product of the PR they have a positive relationship with?
  • That ninety four percent of journalists prefer to communicate with PR professionals by email not phone?
  • That over fifty percent of emails received by thirty five percent of journalists are from PR professionals?
  • That the average journalist receives twenty five press releases a day?
  • That relevancy and subject heading are the two key features that make a journalist open a press release?
  • That eighty two percent of journalists suggest you do NOT follow up a press release with a phone call?
  • That fifty eight percent of journalists surveyed say that most PRs do not understand the difference between a pitch and a press release?
  • That seventy two percent of the media said that a relevant subject heading is what makes them open a pitch email?
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